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Where is my border?

30', 2018

Produced by​ 

The Place


in partnership with

Studio Wayne McGregor

Monday Club

Flow Dance London

World Premiere

Resolution 2018, The Place, London, UK

2nd Feb 2018

Direction and Choreography

Luca Braccia

William Basinski, Anne-James Chaton, Bryce Dessner, Holly Herndon, Andy Moor, Carsten Nicolai, Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto

Lighting, set and costumes

Luca Braccia



Six extraordinary dancers are the war victims who continue to live being dead inside. They play in a surreal dimension with great physicality and strong expression as in a movie. What can the mind do? Where is your border?


"Extraordinary dancers and interesting choreography".

Rossella Battisti, Dance critic.

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