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ProAction Training

Aim and Class description

The aim of the class is to keep professional dancers trained by offering different dance tools which allow them to develop their technical and artistic skills.


This is a release and floor-work oriented class, influenced by Flying Low and Passing Through technique. The class is dynamic, functional and energising. It focuses on the biomechanics of the body through practising the softness of the weight. The aim is to increase proprioception, external awareness and the ability to use the momentum. 

The first part starts with a warm-up focused on aerobic exercises and stimulation of the senses through massages, stretches, run and improvisation. The floor-work is the core of the second section: by the repetition of simple movements, the body travels through space, up to stand. The third part focuses on a longer sequence to travel more and throw the body on the floor. The last part is dedicated to the practice of performance. Different music genres and styles are played during the class.

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