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Luca joins Lîla Dance, Dora Frankel Dance and Fuora Dance Project as a performer.

Starting soon, Luca will collaborate with three dance companies during the next three months.

To begin, he will be in Chichester (UK) with Lîla Dance for a two-weeks R&D into the new outdoor show My Bit. It will explore the current climate surrounding Brexit, including borders, belonging, displacement, ownership, and what ultimately unites/divides communities.

Lîla Dance is directed by Abi Mortimer, Carrie Whitaker and Dougie Evans. Based in the South East, the company developed strong, long-term partnerships through an innovative participatory work for which it has gained national recognition. Lîla Dance creates fictional worlds that question what it means to be human through emphasising the power of the body to tell stories.

Subsequently, Luca will join the creative team of Figures In A Floating Landscape, the 2nd part of the JMW Turner trilogy by Choreographer Dora Frankel and Composer Peter Coyte. It is an immersive, music and dance performance fusion inspired by the later improvisatory sketches by radical landscape painter JMW Turner.

Figures In A Floating Landscape will be created in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and London, between August and October 2019. It will premiere at The Gulbenkian Theatre on the 1st of November, part of the cross Kent celebratory events, as part of the Turner Prize at Turner Contemporary.

Tickets are on sale right now! Make sure to get them soon here.

Lastly, Luca and other artists will work for Fuora Dance Project to discover how mental health issues can impact on people. The aim is to create an innovative work of dance theatre that brings these issues across in a new accessible way. The R&D period, led by artistic director and choreographer Giulia Montalbano, will take place in October 2019 between Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. Riccardo Buscarini will collaborate as a dramaturg.

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