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Celebrating the first year of FreeSpace programme!

To celebrate, the Studio Wayne McGregor wants to give 15,000 hours of space to artists through the FreeSpace programme, helping them to share their time and skills with others.

Wayne, the Studio Wayne McGregor team, and FreeSpace artists celebrating the first year of FreeSpace at Studio Wayne McGregor. Photo by Alicia Clarke.

Wayne McGregor started his own company 25 years ago, supported as a young artist to make his own work, experiment and take risks. Since the first performance at 'Resolution' at The Place, Wayne has made work for companies around the world, we have toured Company Wayne McGregor for over two decades, experimented in artistic, technological and scientific collaboration, and reached over 150,000 people through learning and engagement programmes.

When we opened our own studios in 2017, we always wanted to create a space for artists - a making place for Wayne and our Company, but also somewhere we could share with others. We wanted to support other artists as Wayne had been supported, share our resource, and encourage others to share their creative skills in return - so we created the FreeSpaceprogramme.

Through FreeSpace, we invite choreographic artists into our world-class studio spaces for free, in return for them gifting back their time to delivering free learning and engagement projects in schools and local communities. So far 100 artists have taken part, using 4,500 hours and engaging with 2,000 people in exchange. The programme is about allowing space to develop ideas without expectations or limitations.

Watch the FreeSpace film to see the impact the programme has had already, and its potential for so much more.

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance schools workshop, delivering their barter-back engagement project. Photo by Foteini Christofilopoulou.  Eleesha Drennan Dance in rehearsal. Photo by Alicia Clarke.  Charlotte Edmonds and dancer Francesca Hayward filming Edmonds' new work. Photo by Alice Pennefather.  James Cousins in rehearsal with his dancers. Photo by Camilla Greenwell.  Candoco Dance Company in creation for "Face In" with choreographer Yasmeen Godder.  Emma Houston in rehearsal with her dancers. Photo by Camilla Greenwell.  Eleesha Drennan's barter-back engagement project with Headway East. Photo by Emma Crouch.
FreeSpace artists

Please help us to give away 15,000 hours of FreeSpace

To celebrate Studio Wayne McGregor's 25th birthday, we want to give away 15,000 hours before Wayne's 50th birthday in March 2020. That's over 178 weeks of space to artists, and 178 days of learning and engagement projects that FreeSpace artists will give for free. We can give 10,000 hours, but we need your help to give the rest:

- donate £25 to support 1 hour of space;

- donate £250 to support 10 hours of space;

- donate £2,500 to support 100 hours of space.

By donating, you will join this community of artists, givers, sharers, and makers. Please help us make this happen!


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