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A journey in the memory - Tribute to Jiri Kylian.

15', 2017

Produced by​ 

BARBERDANCE / Luca Braccia

Compagnia Excursus

Centro Ricerche Musicali

in partnership with

Accademia Nazionale di Danza

Beijing Dance Academy

World Premiere

Teatro Ruskaja, Roma, Italy

17th May 2014

Direction and Choreography

Luca Braccia

Rehearsal Assistant

Terry Aiello
Original live music

Marco Melia, Soap Trip  Duo, Dirk Haubrick

Lighting, set and costumes

Luca Braccia, Terry Aiello



Fra(m)menti is a tribute to Jiri Kylian. It is born from a personal elaboration of Kylian’s topics after retracing part of the creative evolution of the Master. This piece is a journey into the remote memory to find some fragments emerging from the human soul, like a "sea bottom". Coherently with Kylian’s philosophy, the mind in the connector between pieces of experiences, sensations and emotions living in the dancers' bodies, those who in reality are marked by the floating of time. 

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