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Luca Braccia

Founder, Artistic Director and Choreographer

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My works aim to investigate the human equality and diversity in social and cultural paradoxes of our existence. I’m interested in the elaboration process of perception and how the mind absorbs and elaborates information through the background. I work by playing with the perception of reality through modulating it for artistic and social purposes. Mind, interpreted as a fragile border between reality and what is surreal, is defining the parameters of time and space in all my creations. I am strongly motivated by the power of vision. The intention behind the movements I research is strongly given by human feelings. I see a dance piece as a journey able to enrich those who take part in.

Luca Braccia

Luca managed to create a piece he could do on a rough floor in limited space and completely captivate a mostly elderly audience with it. These were people unlikely to have had any experience of contemporary dance, a culturally diverse and relatively poor population. He first made them wonder what the hell he was doing, then be amazed by his movement ability, excited by how he broke the fourth wall and got among them, and finally both delighted and deeply moved when he gently took one of then out onto the floor to dance with him. He drew wonderful dignity and grace from her, and showed us all agelessness ‎in action. Truly wonderful. 

Paul Springer, Age UK
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