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BARBERDANCE / lucabraccia&Co.  is a London based independent dance company, founded and directed by choreographer Luca Braccia.




“Art renews people and reveals their life”.

Art is not owned by artists. Art is for people.

Dance allows us to share, connect and express our uniqueness.

Dance allows us to play, discover and keep curiosity alive.

Dance allows us to dance, and everyone has  the right to dance.


Dance and be a voice!

Mission and Values

 Through dance, we aim to create new dimensions, stimulate the senses and suggest other perspectives to reflect on existence. We make visually appealing, evocative and engaging works for theatres, galleries  and specific sites. Besides, we engage communities to promote equality, diversity and inclusion. Our work aims to be accessible to a wide range of people around the world. 


  We care about the professional dancers' community and its needs. We run, encourage and support  researches and projects focused on well-being and development. We believe that through collaboration and sharing we can support each other within the industry.

Our story

 BARBERDANCE / lucabraccia&Co. was founded in 2015, when Luca was based in Rome. Since then, the company has toured nationally and internationally, representing its works in China, Italy, Portugal and the UK. During the last four years, Luca brought together more than 30 dancers and other collaborators such as composers, video-makers, actors and designers. The company performed at Resolution, Take The Floor, TenDance, Milan Expo 2015, Invito Alla Danza and ArteScienza. A large number of learning and research projects have been delivered within communities, institutions, schools and organisations.


  Since 2018, BARBERDANCE / lucabraccia&Co. is supported by Studio Wayne McGregor through the FreeSpace Programme.

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